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Koonagi Media is my YouTube channel.

Koonagi Media was created about 9 or 10 years ago and started out with a video of me (Eric Kuhns) destroying my body while trying to double kickflip a 10 stair. Since then, it has grown into a channel with not only skateboarding, but also mediocre skits, spooky music videos, clips I'll probably regret in my 50's, and more!


Shred the Multiverse Skate Edits/DFW Skate Spots

Watch me and my friends do flippity do's (but mostly fippity don't's) and look REAL COOL. Also, we find spots in Dallas to skate.

Eric Kuhns Skateboarding

Watch videos where only I'm skating. It's just me. No friends allowed! I'M SO HUMBLE.

Koonagi Adventures

This is like a VLOG or something, but the big kid down the street said he'd hit me if I called it that. (Did I do good, Greg?)

Rad Music Series

Don't let the title fool you.

Films and Skits

This is way more skit than it is film, but how else am I gonna get Hollywood to take me serious?


My entire YouTube channel all in one place:

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