What is Koonagi? 

Koonagi is my gamer tag. Wait. You don't know who I am. I'm Eric Kuhns. I like a lot of things and I think you can see most of the things I'm interested in all over this website. I've got a main blog and a blog dedicated to skateboarding. I also have a YouTube.

I skateboard. Skating was my first true love. I trip rollerbladers then drink with them at bars. I like science (learning about the universe and then forgetting half of what I read the next day, catching bugs and becoming bffs with them, looking at sperm under a microscope, and other SCIENCE THANGS.)

I buy a lot of books and read often, but hardly ever finish an entire book. If I'm blessed enough to live to a ripe old age, I'll probably spend my retirement finishing these books.

I write often. I even have a page for it. Some things I can make public and some I can't. I'd say about 45% of the stuff I write will probably never assimilate into a made for TV movie on the Disney channel. Something about "too much murder and sex" or something. (Not always at the same time.)

I'm an actor, which is the best and most annoying career path of all time. RESUME TIME. As with writing and skateboarding, failure is inevitable and happens a lot more than success. A LOT MORE. As I write this, I'm realizing that I tend to gravitate towards interests that involve a lot of failure. Either I like a good challenge or failure is my kink? I'll pencil in a visit to my psychologist for clarification. 

Lastly, I make music with my friends. It's not the highest of quality tunes and spans two main genres: rap songs and pop/rock songs. I started playing shows back in 2007. My first show was at an amphitheater and last minute I found out my drummer couldn't come up because it was an all acoustic set for my time slot. I messed up a million times and forgot words. Anxiety is a bitch. Memphis May Fire and Sky Eats Airplane were headlining that night. Here's my Soundcloud for you to laugh at. 

Thanks for reading all of this and visiting my site. I hope you find something here that inspires you to create your own "thing", whatever that might be. At the very least, I hope this site turned you on a little.