5 Of The Best Movie Soundtracks To Write To.

To preface this article, this selection is clearly based on opinion. Every time I write, I love to be inspired by a movie's soundtrack, because they create the tone the composer meant to get across, but without forcing me to think of what the movie it came from was actually about. This opens up a world of imagination and introduces new story connections to sounds that were meant for a different literary universe.

I suppose another correlation that can be found in the soundtracks I chose are that I'm in love with each movie they're associated with. Like I said before though, the music never influences me to write a story similar to its original pairing, but tends to put my mind in a different head space. I hope the following soundtracks can help you as well. Enjoy.

1. Theory Of Everything

2. The Social Network

3. Sunshine

4. Cloud Atlas

5. The Fountain

I realize I didn't use any of Hans Zimmer or John Williams' music, because although I love their scores, they become so iconic that I can't help but tie them to their original cinematic adventures. Additionally, if I'm writing something in the horror genre, I may go with The Ring soundtrack or Silent Hill. If you have any suggestions, let me know!