Colony Skatepark (short review)

It seems like every suburb around Dallas is getting a new cement skatepark. Good news: We have more parks to skate. Bad news: if you live in Dallas, all of them are far away. My complaints and praises aside, the newest addition to this list is The Colony skatepark and it's actually pretty dope, for the most part.

So far I've skated it twice, once when it was dead and another time when it was packed. I should preface by saying that the park is built really well, at least by my standards. I love how everything is smaller and great for tech-skating, but when it's packed, it's kind of collision-prone.


There's not really a flow to the park, unless it's empty. Doing lines in the park when it's packed will inevitably end with you or someone getting in each others way. Having said that, the park is still great and only suffers from this flaw because it's small. 

Here are some photos by the Certified Google Guide himself, NEIL AGUILAR.

Here's our DFW Skate Spots episode on it:

If you'd like to visit it yourself, check out the map below: