Garland Skate Park [2018 UPDATE]


This past week I reached out to the City of Garland to see what progress has been made on the Garland skate park. (The one we've all been hearing about since the early 2000's.) The pleasant response I got mixed with a little article digging around the old electric internet gave me some perspective on where we stand today with the parks completion. 

Let's start with a brief history of this project so you can appreciate how far we've come. 

Photoshop skills OVER 9000.

Photoshop skills OVER 9000.

I started skating back in 2003 and grew up in Garland, Texas. Pretty early on, a rumor spread that a skate park was being built in our city. This probably started because in 2004, the City of Garland voters approved $1.1 million for a skate park in our bond election. News on the project suddenly vanished.

We fast forward thirteen years to February 2017 where an annual capital improvements projects program includes $1 million for a dog park and $50,000 was spent on a design plan. Wait, where's the skate park?

In June, the Tuckerville location was chosen and the skate park finally gets added back on alongside the dog park to save money on parking, utilities, etc. by sharing costs.

In July and August, the council disagreed with the location and requested a new one. Garland's Central Park was chosen and the council gave staff the go-ahead to pursue plans to remove the largest of the three armory buildings and a baseball field. $88,500 was dedicated to the dual-park design. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, the Garland Mayor disagrees with how the process played out and announces his future resignation.


SO, here we are. It's 2018 and I was still confused on what's happening with the long-awaited Garland park. I decided to reach out to the Parks and Rec department yesterday. To my surprise, I got a response pretty quickly from Ziad Kharrat, the Senior Park Planner for the City of Garland.

In my email, I included some questions that he graciously took the time to break down and answer for me (us as a skateboarding community).

What progress has been made on the Garland skate park?

We are in the pre-design phase, which involves a focus on public engagement and site selection. We have contracted with consultants who are assisting with overall site design and a skate park design/build company who will be designing and constructing the skate park features. The consultant for the site design is Pacheco Koch, and the skate park design/build company is SPA Skateparks with Newline Skateparks.
— ZK

Is it still planned for the old armory in central park?

A final site is still yet to be identified and approved by the City Council. Once a site is determined, we will proceed with design and public input for the skate features and amenities.
— ZK

(My Location Suggestions: Rick Oden Park area, Duck Creek area, or River Crest Branch Park area.)

When can we expect a grand opening? (Estimated Time)

We are hoping to have the project completed in 2019. A date is still not firm since a final site is still not yet approved.
— ZK

Is there anywhere I can find a blueprint for what it will look like or has that not been drafted/finalized yet?

We will be sharing information on our project website once the drawings are generated and become available. So far, the presentation from the public meeting on December 21, 2017 is the only document available for viewing.
— ZK

I'd like to thank Ziad for taking the time to answer my email. As you can see, the park is planned, but details are still a bit scarce at this time. Personally, taking my first step onto this skate park will be a momentous occasion. I'm going to do my best to keep everyone updated on this project and hopefully find out more about the park design, location, and future opening date. Stay tuned!