How to Choose a Skate Spot.

I'm not sure how many other skaters deal with this dilemma, but every time my friends and I go out to skate, we hardly ever know where we want to go. Dallas has a ton of skate spots and we've skated 1000's of them, but for some reason when it comes time to decide on a spot, we either drive around aimlessly or skate a handful of the same, boring spots.

This has been a problem for a long time. I've googled for spots. I've written spots down on shreds of paper and mixed them in a bag and then lost the bag. I've even used skate spot apps, but spot finder apps never work because chances are, unless it's the easiest process in the world to add a spot, I don't feel like opening an app, taking a picture, writing a description, geo locating it, etc. HOW DO I SOLVE THIS?


Skateboarders aren't built to give up. I went back to the 'listing spots out onto shreds of paper' idea and turned it digital. I may not want to list a spot each time I go to it, but I am willing to type all the spots I can think of in one sitting. I just need to randomize it.

I went searching for an app that randomizes inputted data. Now, there is a free version called Randomizer List, but it doesn't have export features and I don't want to enter a 1000 things and then it accidentally gets erased. With this in mind, I got a 99 cent app called Randomize.


I'm sure my goal is apparent by now, but I began to enter all of the skate spots I could think of into the app in this format: City > Spot. 

The point of this article is to share this idea as a solution for the location of each skate sesh. You can download this app or one of the free ones and enter all of the skate spots you can think of. Then, before each sesh, you can tap randomize and the top 3, 5, or whatever amount of spots you're going to skate that day will populate.

Hope this helps some of you! I'm going to start a video series soon called, "Skate Spot Randomizer" or something similar to the Berrics when they threw a dart at a map and skated the spot. Maybe.