Interview w/ Shift Skateboarding Company

Since I began posting skate clips more and more on Instagram I've been given the opportunity to meet, (online and off) a lot of fellow skateboarders from around the world. In a society where it has almost become "cool" to hate on the use of social media and looking at your phone, (which I agree to in a small way), it also gives you the chance to meet really great, like-minded individuals that share the same passions as you. This is how I met and interviewed the owner of the Shift Skateboarding Company, Joel Matthews.


How did you originally get into skateboarding?

I originally got into skateboarding when I was around 13 years old. My friend Jack Zepler showed me a couple of videos of him skating, I thought it looked sick and knew I wanted to try it out ASAP! So the next day after school I went to my house and grabbed my super cheap Bart Simpson skateboard that was sitting in our shed. I rode around with my friends trying out tricks, but obviously wasn’t getting very far on such a cheap board. I was eventually given a better setup by a friend and began to properly learn tricks.

Every weekend I would stay at Jacks house and everything we did involved skateboarding! We would go skating, come home for dinner, play skate 2 on his Xbox, try tricks on his deck on the trampoline, and watch hundreds of skate edits on YouTube before bed. I will always have a place for skateboarding in my life, I have many great memories from it!
— JM

When did you decide you wanted to start your own skateboarding company and what were some of your biggest challenges you faced/are facing?

I decided to start up a skateboarding company a couple of days before going on holiday, at the time it was just an idea for fun. So I created a name and logo, created an Instagram page, posted a couple of posts and videos, not thinking much of it. But then a couple of days later I checked on the page and it had been getting likes from quite popular people on Instagram. Some cool people were showing love and my friends seemed to like the idea, so I decided to try and take it further.

I guess the biggest challenge I am facing at the moment is building up followers and getting our name out there, but I have some ideas that should help get our name heard. James Larner (our sponsored skater) has been keeping our current followers entertained with some sick videos, there’s some real sick stuff coming soon! ;)
— JM

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Where did the name "Shift Skateboarding Co" come from and what sort of products do you sell?

The name Shift Skateboarding just rang a bell to me, I thought it sounded really good and when I designed the logo I thought it looked pretty nice.

We sell TShirts, Hoodies, Hats, and boards. More are currently being designed!
— JM

What are your goals for the company in the next year and do you have any upcoming events you'll be attending?

My goals for the company are to gain more followers, get some new team members to skate for us and represent us! James Larner is currently working on The Lords Of The Swords competition!

Lords of the Swords is the UK’s number 1 amateur skateboard filming event. Each team has one weekend to visit as many of the specifically selected locations as possible, ensuring all challenges are captured on film. No film, no points!

All challenges must be filmed and each team has only that weekend to compile footage. Teams then have a further 4 weeks to produce a 12 minute video. This video is then submitted for a public online vote with all the videos being shown at the Lords of the Swords premier evening.
— JM

How can people stay in contact with Shift now and in the future?

If people want to stay in contact with Shift I would recommend following our Instagram page @ShiftSkateboardingCo and look out for our posts! We may be bringing out a website in the future so look out for that too!
— JM

Although the Shift Skateboarding Co. is in its early phases, I really believe in Joel's vision for the company. Ask anyone who's ever attempted to start a skateboarding company and they'll tell you it's a really difficult endeavor to take on. With the passion behind Shift and Joel at the helm, I have no doubt that if he continues he'll make his mark on the industry.

I'd like to thank Joel for taking time out of his day for this interview and I can't wait to watch them grow as a company and in their online presence. Be sure to tap or click the button above and give them a follow on Instagram. Now go shred!