My Favorite Rainy Day Dallas Skate Spots

The last few weeks have been horrible for skating in the Dallas area. It seems like the rain is hanging over the city waiting to make its move every time the streets dry like a bowl of ramen on the table left alone in front of my cat. These past few weeks have also sucked because my knee is messed up, but that’s another story.


If you live in the area, I’m sure you already know of a ton of spots to skate when it rains. Skaters always find a way and it usually involves a parking garage or two. Today, I’d like to share with you my favorite spots to skate, (when I can skate) around the Dallas area when it rains. Hopefully you’ll see a new spot or just remember an old one to go shred during this bad weather.

Campbell Parking Garage

Friends and I have been skating this garage for over a decade and it’s always a go-to when it rains. Some people might recognize it for the 14 and 17 stair out front, but they’re sketchy and most people skate the spot for the garage, (Unless they’re trying to die like Kechaud).

There are a few bars around so you may encounter some drunk people at night. This can be good or bad as we’ve almost gotten in a few altercations, though we once made $20 for doing a kickflip. Your experience may vary.

This is located off of Campbell Rd. and Plano Rd. in Richardson, Texas.

UPDATE: Here’s a DSS episode we did on it.

Addison Parking Garage

This spot is one of my favorite flat ground spots in the world. It seems that most garages are pretty smooth which makes a skateboard wheel more susceptible to hitting tiny rocks, like the Campbell Parking Garage spot above. This place doesn’t have much rocky-nonsense which is a huge plus. When it rains there are puddles, but that just makes dangerous, (for your board and possibly the back of your head when you slip out) flat gaps to skate.

The curb is waxed up, but not very good. This is still one of my favorite parking garage manual pads because it’s low and easy to pop nollie-to-nose manuals on and whatever other shenanigan-fueled tricks you’re trying to pull off. Luckily, we’ve already filmed a Dallas Skate Spots episode here so grab some extra salty, XTRA BUTTERED popcorn and watch the episode below! (Here’s a link on how to get there.)

Addison Underground

This spot is a bit different than the others since there’s more to it than just manual pads and smooth flat ground. Weather aside, Addison Underground is one of my favorite skate spots of all time. It’s situated underneath a large building on Arapaho Rd. and Dallas North Tollway in Addison, Texas.

UPDATE: Here’s a DSS episode we did on it.

Comerica Bank Ledge

This is JUST outside of Addison in Dallas off Verde Valley Lane and Dallas North Tollway, (so many Addison spots). The ground is buttery and the ledge has been waxed every day since what seems like the Civil War. It actually grinds better than most park ledges. One is super low and the other one is of moderate height.

Sadly, I don’t have much footage here except the Instagram video below. I highly recommend this spot though!

4DWN, Guapo, and Alliance Skatepark

If you’re looking for a little bit more to skate in the realm of ramps and rails, you may consider one of Dallas’ indoor/covered skateparks. They’re not all open every day and 2 out of 3 will cost you, but it’s worth it.

Your first option is 4DWN, though this option isn’t exactly available yet. You can follow their progress HERE for public skating. Who knows, maybe you’re reading this way after I published this and it’s open now. If that’s the case, send me your video of it and I’ll update this article! In the mean time, they are holding events that showcase some of the skate-able things built so far, (below).

Your second option is Guapo. I used to skate Guapo park before their remodel, but haven’t been since. I loved it back then and from what I’ve seen it looks awesome now. Luckily, I found a pretty dope edit made by TheGreat YouTube channel entitled, “Weekly Skatepark Edit | Guapo”. Peep it below!

Your third park option is a covered park called Alliance Skatepark. I wish more skateparks would take this approach and just cover the whole park. It would be great for rainy days and sunburns/heat exhaustion, but I digress. Alliance is in Grand Prairie, not too far from downtown Dallas.

This park has a ton of stuff, but it is HELLA SLIPPERY. So, bring your larger wheels if you have them. Hell, slap on the ole’ snow chains if you got ‘em. As with the Addison Parking Garage, we actually did a Dallas Skate Spots episode on this spot too. HERE YA GO:

Thanks for reading! If there’s a spot you enjoy when it rains that I missed in the Dallas area, let me know! I may have to do a part two in the future. Now go shred and keep that board un-water logged!