Session: Finally, A New Skateboarding Game.

I think we've all felt a gap in our hearts where EA Sports video game "SKATE 4" is suppose to reside. Sadly, it's taken forever for that project to be completed. It caused a lot of anger when it no-showed at E3 2017 this year.


In the place of that, a game called Session (previously known as Project: Session) has been under development. This isn't an EA Sports game though. Instead, hearing our cries for another skateboarding game, Creā-ture Studios has created something this special digital gift. 

A YouTuber named Nightspeeds got his hands on a copy of the game (pre-alpha footage) and it looks awesome. The first thing I noticed was the look of the character's balance when grinding. It looks incredibly authentic. The overall graphics look slightly better than EA's Skate 3 too. Check out his opinion in the video below.

We all first heard about this project back in 2015 when THIS VIDEO released. Since then, the project seemed to be MIA until my friend Gavin sent me Nightspeed's video review above. 

I checked out the Creā-ture Studios' website and they had this message for everyone: 

what the f*ck is going on here!? This sh*t didn’t move in decades!? Yeah.. it’s comin... - Please stay tuned as we progress on our brand new gnarly website.
— Crea-ture Studios

My comment to the developers:

THANK YOU. Seriously, you heard us screaming for a new skateboarding game and you're delivering. The game looks great, you guys seem dope, and as soon as I can play it on STEAM I will! Until then, the skateboarding/video gamer crowd awaits the arrival of Session the video game!