The Boardr Skateboard Company Interview

I often reach out to my favorite skateboarding companies from time to time for interviews. I love to establish relationships with the movers and shakers of the industry, but if I'm being completely honest, I do it because it gives me the opportunity to meet and soak in the creativeness and knowledge of those who shape skateboarding and its culture around me. As I'm sure you've gathered from the articles title, today's interview is with The Boardr Skateboarding Company.

The Boardr's goal is to bring Authority and Authenticity to Skateboarding as a whole. They achieve this through their website, events, and more. I first heard of the Boardr when they were a part of a Zumiez contest I competed in back a few years ago in McKinney. Fast forward to now and I got to interview the raddest dude behind it all, Rob Meronek. Let's dive in.

Rob Meronek and Danny Way at Zumiez 100k ( Original Photo )

Rob Meronek and Danny Way at Zumiez 100k (Original Photo)

What originally got you into skateboarding?

I had a skateboard as a toy and didn’t know you could do tricks and crazy shit on it until one day I saw a kid do a street plant from the window of my car. I was blown away and hooked ever since.
— RM

What is The Boardr?

We create skateboarding events and also help other people and companies run theirs.
— RM

Where did the idea for The Boardr come from?

Some of us here worked at Skatepark of Tampa in the past. Our jobs evolved there as we started making those contests better and better over the years. Some things were not working out there so many of the key people left and we started our own thing. Real similar to doing events like we did, but better with a global audience instead of just Tampa.
— RM
Boardr event ( Original Photo )

Boardr event (Original Photo)

For people out there wanting to start their own business, what advice would you have for them?

Pretty much all the cliche and standard stuff you hear is absolutely true: just get started even if you’re not ready, make mistakes because they teach you valuable things, don’t be too afraid of what other people think, don’t wait until things are perfect to begin - things will never be perfect.
— RM

What future company goals do you have/are most excited for in the next 5 years?

There are two big segments in skateboarding that have always been there - the “fuck everyone else I’m doing my own thing” and the “let’s have some fun and have a contest and organize things.” I’ve always been part of both and it’s been a pleasure to watch both evolve.

On the side of “contest and organizing things,” I’m looking forward to watching that grow even more as this crazy Olympic thing takes effect. I’d like to help work on it if we have the opportunity.

I’m also excited about more brands doing legit contests that are truly fun and organized. One of the best things for me about growing up skateboarding is all the lifelong friends I made because I went to skateboarding contests.
— RM
"Rowdy Crowd at The Boardr Am at Houston" ( Original Photo )

"Rowdy Crowd at The Boardr Am at Houston" (Original Photo)

I'm so pumped for everything The Boardr is doing. Independent skate shops, board brands, and companies like Rob's are the reason skateboarding thrives. I'd like to personally thank Rob for keeping skateboarding flourishing and for taking time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed. 

The Boardr's next two events are going to be in Texas (home of Shred Social, though a little more south). That's the Hot Wheels Junior Series in Austin, Texas and the Grind For Life Series in Houston, Texas. You can get more information on both events HERE. To follow them everywhere else, check out the button-links below.