Why the Style of a Skateboarder Outweighs Their Trick Selection

Photo Courtesy of Brian Gaberman

Photo Courtesy of Brian Gaberman

When I think of stylish skateboarding, I have a collection of skaters that come to mind. Now if you asked me about insane tricks and the biggest stuff in relation to different skaters, I could name a ton. 

I just watched the Jeff Dechesare "Wait For It" part that just dropped through Grizzly's YouTube channel and although it was some of the craziest tricks I'd seen, it didn't necessarily make me want to go skate. 

Obviously this article is opinion-based and I'm not saying anything bad about Jeff Dechesare, because he's amazing, seriously, but his part really opened up the discussion in my mind. Why do some skaters make me want to skate and some don't? It all comes down to style for me.

Take Brent Atchley for example:

His fluidity on a skateboard trumps almost anyone's style. He looks like he was born on a skateboard. His smoothness appears as if he's apart of the transition.

And then there's Levi Brown with a skate part I've probably watched a thousand times from the Element Trio video.

He could do any trick and make it the best trick I've ever seen. It appears that weaking has become second nature to him.

If we reach further back, we can find skaters like this in every generation of skateboarding. They're people who just make skateboarding look the way it should; this glorious, effortless display of control and ease.

Like the legend, Tom Penny, at the DC Embassy.

I suppose what I'm trying to get across in this article is that I (of course) respect all skateboarders as long as they're humble and they're doing it because they love it. However, some skaters just make me love it a little more. 

Honorable mentions to the list and some of my all time favorite skate styles, are in the article linked at the end of this paragraph. They aren't really "honorable mentions" since they're all my favorite skaters to watch, but I think I've written so much about them in past articles that I wanted to give the guys above a spotlight.