Interview w/ Jonathan Henderson & His Company: Logos Skateboards

I happened upon Logos somewhat randomly a couple of weeks ago while browsing Instagram’s search/discovery page. I explored their page and recognized right away that this was a board company I wanted to support. Jonathan Henderson, (Logos owner), and I talked through private messaging, as most friendships tend to blossom these days. We met up at a local park here in Dallas because as luck would have it, he was already travelling up here for a wedding.

Logos Skateboards has a bunch of really talented skaters, awesome business ethics, and a super cool owner. I feel privileged to interview them as they take off into the skateboarding stratosphere. My conversation below with Jonathan on his company Logos followed suit with my initial impression of them. Let’s dive in. 

Jonathan Henderson w/ one of his Logos decks

Jonathan Henderson w/ one of his Logos decks

Tell me a little bit about your background in skateboarding, what made you pick up a board for the first time, and what kept you going.

Funny story , my cousin Clint , the guy who’s wedding brought me to Dallas and allowed us to meet up, he got me into skating. I’m an only child. Clint is like 1-2 years older so he was my big brother. When he moved to magnolia we were able to hang out much more (he used to be in Palestine). I worshiped him haha. Imagine he’s Rob Dyrkek and I’m Drama... nuff said. I got a justice league skateboard from toysrus and the rest is history. Ive quit before but I came back hard. Once I got a job at the Jamail skatepark it’s been much easier to justify skating and making it a career.
— JH

What made you decide to start a skate company?

I’m sure you and lots of the people who read this grew up thinking one day it would be cool to own a shop or a board brand. I just decided it was the time to try. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been fun. Now I can look out for the amazing skaters in Houston who are overlooked and underappreciated. I can also do whatever I want design-wise, I’m surrounded by amazing artists and now I can give them an outlet and a way to make money. It’s crazy. And also no more buying boards ever lol I’m flow for me haha
— JH

Tell me a little bit about Logos Skateboards and what products you guys provide.

So far we have decks, the new batch will be 8.25, 8.38 and 8.5 they come with free Jessup, or you can get mob for 5 bucks. We also have done shirts and hats. A new batch of shirts is about to drop at a local contest raising funds for a new park at Eastwood. We will have 4 tee graphics out now also stickers are coming soon and a 5 panel hat. All available from me direct on Instagram @logos_skateboards soon to be in all the local shops, currently in beantooth Skateshop in Eastwood on Canal st.
— JH

What's been your biggest obstacle so far with starting a skateboarding company?

My own mind. Once you have goals and expectations and things slow down or don’t go how you wanted, and you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything, you can get really bummed. I was legit going to quit this like a month ago, but all of a sudden things started working. I’m pushing hard to make this a lasting Brand. Logos will be here till I decide it’s done.
— JH

What are your future goals for the company? Do you have a team/video planned?

I have my eye on lots of cats out here. Justin Weiderman , Flako Suketo, Gentle Sowle, Juan Dunn, Wilson Collins, Dom Goings, Raina Saenz from Laid out magazine, & Steven Robinson are all flow as of now. I also have a good relationship with all the homies that skate for prime, a local skate apparel brand. I wish I could give them multiple boards a month, can’t stand when people are “on”, but never get stuff. Can’t wait till I’m able to hook people up like they should get.

Justin and I are about to buy a Vx and start filming so yes video is coming. I plan to turn someone pro one day even.
— JH

Through talking to Jonathan in emails, Instagram messaging, and finally skating with him in person, I can tell that he’s someone who knows how to traverse the world of skateboarding and is adapted to being the type of person to run their own skate brand. I can’t wait to see what Logos Skateboards as a company and as a team will become in the next year and beyond. If you’d like to check out the Logos website or follow them on social media, check out the links below and go support them! (You can also check out some of the rider’s footage below at the end of this article.)