My 6 Favorite Skateboarding Videos From The Early 2000's

I started skating in mid-2003 and videos only came in VHS and sometimes DVD format. The selection was limited and came from either a friend or I could rent it from the local skate shop called One Love. This made it so that the videos I grew up watching were a select few, or in this case a select 6.

Today, I’d like to explore some of my favorite videos from that time frame. I hope my choices resonate with you too. Let’s dive in.

  1. Girl Skateboards “Yeah Right”


I had to start this list out with one of the most iconic videos from the early 2000’s - YEAH RIGHT! From green screened ramps to the legendary Eric Koston to Owen Wilson, if there was one video to get you pumped up to skate, this was the one.




One of the funnest videos out there. I couldn’t help but immediately go out and skate every time I saw it. Chico Brenes, Chris Roberts, Daniel Castillo, Gino Iannucci, Justin Eldridge, Kenny Anderson, Marc Johnson, and so many more dudes in this video shaped the way I wanted to skate myself. LONG LIVE CHOCOLATE!


3. Osiris “Subject to Change”


Subject to Change was the first skate video I ever remember seeing. I remember it like it was yesterday. I skated over to my friend Kyle’s house and he popped it in the VCR. I was amazed at what was possible as I had just started skating about a month before. I remember one of the dudes in it said, “I’ll skate until I can’t walk” and it instantly become a personal motto. Since then, I’ve applied that same tenacity to everything I do in life.


4. Baker Skateboards “Baker 3”

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Baker 3 is one of the most popular videos to ever come out and for good reason. It set itself apart from other videos by just being this under-produced, party-fueled video like the ones my friends and I would make, (minus all the drugs/alcohol since we were around 16 at the time). It also had some of the craziest skating we had ever seen. That teamed with perfectly curated rock and rap made it incredibly memorable and is still to this day, one of the best videos out. It just felt so real and relate-able.

I remember a friend and I downloaded the video off some site and at first got a 2 minute porn under the same name where a NERF football popped out of a woman’s…well, let’s just say it wasn’t the right video. We eventually found the correct Baker 3 and the rest is history.


5. The DC Video


What can I say about the DC video that hasn’t already been said? This was my introduction to Big Black and for the most part, Rob Dyrdek as well. This is what led to the Rob & Big show on MTV for those that didn’t know. My friend Neil and I would often talk about having our own security guard or I’d joke that Neil was my security guard as he was almost a foot taller than me. RIP Big Black.


6. PJ Ladd’s “Wonderful Horrible Life”

Photo courtesy of The Secret Tape

Photo courtesy of The Secret Tape

I was originally going to make this article a top 5 list, however I would be remiss if I didn’t mention PJ Ladd’s breakout part in Wonderful Horrible Life. This video put PJ on the map and is still to this day one of the best skate parts I’ve ever seen. His consistency and technical tricks surpassed most skaters in the early 2000’s and today.