What's NEW w/ Shred Social and Dallas Skate Spots? Find out now!

What’s up, shred heads! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated everyone about what features this site/our YouTube has and what you can expect in the near future from us. First, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone subscribing to our channel, as well as commenting on, liking, and sharing our videos. YOU are the reason Shred Social and Dallas Skate Spots exist.

ALRIGHT, let’s get to what’s new and upcoming for Shred Social and as always, if you have an idea for the site or have a spot you’d like us to cover on a DSS episode, Contact Us!


Dallas Skate Spots series & YouTube

We just reached our 76th episode of Dallas Skate Spots and episode 77 will be out this week. It feels crazy that we’ve already come this far and we have no plans to slow down. Here are the new additions to the series:

  • I’ve updated locations on all videos, (except episode 2 because I don’t remember where that was located, but I’ll find it!)

  • I’ve gone through all 130+ videos on the Koonagi Media channel, including all Dallas Skate Spots videos, and updated their descriptions with helpful links and more info for you guys.

  • In the near future, I’ll have a nailed down DSS intro.

  • We will be starting a few new skate video series soon, so stay tuned!


Shred Social Website, (What You’re On Right Now)

ss web.PNG

The Shred Social website has plenty of updates and features that haven’t been fully utilized in the past. The list below chronicles what we have and what we have coming soon. Let’s start with what we have currently/what’s new:

  • Home: Our homepage links to whatever you’re trying to get to and embodies our mission as a brand as well as who we seek to unite and empower.

  • SS TV: Shred Social TV is your one stop shop for the best skateboarding YouTube channels. Every channel auto-updates every few minutes to provide you with the latest videos from every channel.

  • Sk8 Spots: This is a weekly updated blog that sorts all of our Dallas Skate Spots by location. All you have to do is find the city you want to skate, click/tap it, and see what episodes we’ve done there. Each one provides the location as well!

  • SS Blog: The Shred Social blog is made up of interviews, articles, and updates, (like this one). with skateboarding and rollerblading brands.

Let’s move onto what’s coming soon.

  • Shop: Our Shred Social shop launches in the fall/winter. If you’re a local company to Texas and you’d like to be apart of our shop, check out our FAQs “How do I become a selling partner?”.

  • Events/Calendar: Although we will not have a calendar of current, local skate events from other companies, (we tried that years ago and it became to much) we will have a calendar soon of events we’re putting on or will be tabling at/sponsor.

  • Contests: We will be throwing online contests to give away some dope products from local and national skate brands. If you’re a local brand/company/charity that wants to partner with us, Contact Us.

  • Map: Neil and I are currently working on creating a downloadable google map with pins for each place recorded in the Dallas Skate Spots series. This will be available soon!

    Stay tuned for more and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, as well as like our Facebook Page! Now go shred!